Review | Neabot Q11

April 29, 2021

Review | Neabot Q11

I recently received the second generation Neabot robot vacuum, the Neabot Q11 (which I paid for). This model vacuums hard and carpeted floors and includes a mop function for hard floors. It also comes with a new app.

Design: The Q11 is beautifully designed - very modern and compact - and will certainly not be an eyesore in your home. 

App: The App includes additonal functionalities for managing and operating the unit (maps, settings and the like). The Q11 does not come with a remote control; this function is now available in the app. It was a bit difficult to connect the unit to my home wifi and the app but I believe it was more because of the spotty wifi coverage at home. The app was difficult to understand at first but I kept playing around with it until I had a better idea of the options. 

Assembly: Minimal assembly is required. After removing  the vac's protective packaging, attach one spin brush, attach the mop fabric to the mop accessory and attach to  the main unit. Fill water tank with water. Plug the charging tower dustbin. Charge the unit. GO!

How it works: I ran a test at home with the mop accessory on. Because the spinbrush and primary roller brush sit before the mop, the bot first collects dust then mops  in the same run. It's great on hard floors. Downside - if you want to disable the mop function, say to vacuum fully carpeted areas without wetting them, you will need to detach the mop accessory. Of course, the fabric cloth map will need to be washed from time to time. Neabot advised that a full tank of water can be used for appriximately 200sqm (assuming you don't adjust the consumption level).

User Manual: The user manual needs to be more detailed and include instruciton about the app. 

Overall: Very statisfied. The Neabot team advised that the app is a work in progress, improvements are contiuously being made to the Q11 based on user feedback. Shout out to the Nabot team for being open to tons of feedback!


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